Thursday, May 04, 2006

Green Market and a Thai Salad for Friday Lunch

Every Wednesday night, there is a "green market" here in our town outside an organic food store under the building's awning. Local farmers who grow different veggies and greens put up stalls late afternoon. All the produce is hence organic and freshly picked. In addition to the fresh produce, they also have some baked goods like bread, baklava, organic chicken eggs etc. This is different than the regular Saturday morning farmers market that happens all through the Summer into the Fall.

I went over there after work yesterday. I had actually forgotten about this market when I went grocery shopping over the weekend. Since I already had an over flowing refrigerator, I couldn't shop as much as I wanted to. But I did buy some fresh "spicy greens" for salad, some fresh radishes and half a dozen eggs.

So, I put together a salad for lunch tomorrow with the greens and radishes.

Here is how I did it:

I cleaned the greens and radishes, chopped up about two of the radishes, also chopped up about 3 baby carrots, added lightly toasted almonds and walnuts for crunch. For the dressing, I used Jamie Oliver's Thai Salad Dressing. I didn't have any basil on hand so I just used fresh mint instead. I also omitted the red chili and instead went with a teaspoon of the wasabi paste for the kick (And I know wasabi is not exactly Thai but it is good, isn't it?). I also omitted the garlic cloves since I did not want to eat uncooked garlic in the middle of the afternoon at work!

Have a good weekend everybody!


wheresmymind said...

Though I'm not a huge fan of his show, Jamie Oliver does have some yummy recipe's.

Anonymous said...

Your lunch box looks light and colorful. What a healthy way to start a weekend.

Weekend is already here, just last weekend I was full anxious about the event. Time runs from weekend to weekend here.:)

Have a great spring weekend!

Vineela said...

HI l2c,
This is good for health and less calories too.
I like salads very much.

Lakshmi said...

nice one.
luv salads.

Santhi said...

I soooooo not a salad person.:((((
I tell myself "it is good for you you have to eat it".
It just stops at telling, never moves on to eating...

Revathi said...

Wow you are so lucky to have all these organic veggies and organic eggs fresh from the local !!!
You did the right think by making a salad out of it.

Luv2cook said...


I do like Jamie Oliver. There is nobody on Food Network, I don't like :).


Thanks. It was pretty yummy too :).

Vineela, Lakshmi:



I know. I never eat salad at home. These days I have been taking it to work for lunch and it has worked out really well :).


That is probably one advantage of living in a small midwest town. The farmers are not far away from where I live. :).