Saturday, June 23, 2007

Back for now!

Hello Blogland - It has been a while (read months) since my last update. Life has been a little bit crazy leaving very little time to blog. A big thank you to all those who e-mailed and left messages to check up on me!

Since Summer officially started a couple of days ago I decided that I am going to do something new this summer i.e. blog more :). I am pretty sure I lost the very few readers that I had so now I have to start all over again!

I thought I'd start with some pictures from my very first vegetable garden!

Japanese eggplant flower

Sweet Basil

Tomatoes and Peppers

Gongura (a native Andhra leafy vegetable) in its infancy


Thota Kura and Chukka Kura - both leafy greens

Sorakaya/Bottle Gourd/Dhudhi plant