Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jihva for Ghee round up

First off an apology for taking so long to do the round up. I have been extreremely busy and was gone the weekend and am going on another trip this weekend and next week. But better late than never and here is the Jihva for Ghee round up! Enjoy!


By Beyond the Usual

Ghee, Riceflour, Banana, Jaggery

Besan Ladoo
from My Food Court
Ghee, Besan, Milk,, Sugar

Maa Laddo, Neiyi Urundai
from Menu Today

Ghee, Green Moong Dal, Sugar

Besan Laddoo

By Foodie's Hope

Ghee, Besan, Milk,, Sugar

Chickpea Flour Balls
By Autres Délices

Chickpea flour, ghee, brownsugar

Brown Ghee Rice and Mysore Pak from Out of The Garden
Brown rice, Ghee, spices (Brown Ghee Rice)

Ghee Mysore Pak from Menu Today
Ghee, Besan, Sugar

Brown Ghee Rice and Mysore Pak from Out of The Garden
Ghee, Besan flour, Sugar (Mysore Pak)

Mistress of Spices
from When My Soup Came Alive
Butter, Onion, Cloves, Garlic, Cumin, other spices

Flavored Butter from AkshayaPatra
Butter, spices & fruits

Carrot Kheer from Aahar
Ghee, Carrots, Milk, Sugar

Banana Bread Halwa from Cooking Pleasures
Ghee, Bread, Milk, Sugar

Ram Prasad Ladoo from A cook @ Heart
Ghee, Whole wheat flour, jaggery

Pineapple Kesari from Letzcook
Ghee, Sooji, Crushed Pineapple

Almond/Badam Halva from Saffron Hut
Ghee, Almonds, Sugar, Milk

Butter Shortbread from My Cook Book
Butter, All purpose flour, Sugar

Pongal from Akshayapatram
Ghee, Rice, Moong Dal, Chana Dal, Jaggery

Tangy Ghee Aloo from Chatpat Food
Ghee, Potatoes, Greenchilis, Lime juice, Sugar, Panch phoran tadka

Goad Bhaat
from Food for Thought
Ghee, Rice, Moong Dal, Jaggery, Coconut

Capsicum Rice
from My Experiments with Food
Ghee, Bell Pepper, Basmati Rice, Spices

Thank you to everyone that participated in the event this month and I want to thank Indira for providing me the opportunity to host!

Next month's Jihva event is being hosted by Vee of Past, Present and Me. Get details in her Special Edition Jihva post!


Priya said...

WOW ...that was a nice selection of sweets, loads of ideas for Diwali now :-)

Thank you for hosting the event Sam :-) have loads of fun during your trips...hope you get back with great stories !

Manasi said...

Hey,I'm first!!! Nice round up... and yummy dishes too!!!! Thanx L2C

Prema Sundar said...

wow look at all the dishes ... mouthwatering recipes .. Thanks for the lovely round up.

Linda said...

Hi Sam,
Please don't apologize! It is a gread deal of work to organize something like this and you've made such a beautiful show of the dishes. Thanks for all your time and effort -- your round up is really lovely. :)

Pavani said...

Great round up.. Quite a spread to choose from for the upcoming Diwali. Thanks for hosting.

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Hi Sam,

that was very nice round up...able to see lots of sweets at once just like in any sweet shop...I will try them when ever I get a chance ofcourse on diwali too...Happy diwali to all my fellow bloggers and friends in advance:-))

Foodie's Hope said...

What a SWEET round up!! Literally!!:)) Thanks for your hard work and nice one too!

Chandrika said...

A very good roundup, Sam! And thanks for all the hard work which went into it... :-)

Chandrika said...

Oh Sam, I forgot to ask..Do you have any idea on who's hosting the next JFI?

Ashwini said...

Sam I am so sorry to do this....but will you accept a realllly late entry??
Just put up a post thinking you would do the round up on the weekend.
But hey great job!

Indira said...

Hi Sam,

Extremely sorry I couldn't participate in my beloved event this month. But congratulations to all the participants who come up with such fabulous 'ghee' recipes and many thanks to you for doing such a wonderful job.

Ashwini said...

Thanks Sam!

Jayashree said...

Looks like you forgot to add my entry to the post....

RP said...

Wow! Everything looks soooo ghee-licious! I couldn't participate. :(

Vidya said...

Good job...fyi "Brown Ghee Rice and Mysore Pak from Out of The Garden
Brown rice, Ghee, spices (Brown Ghee Rice)" is listed twice