Saturday, October 21, 2006

Deepavali Shubhakankshalu (Happy Diwali)

Here's wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Deepavali!

With the experience of making Ganesha with clay under my belt, I decided to make diyas with clay too! Here are some pics!

lighted "home made" clay diyas/deepalu

"home made" diyas waiting to be lighted

making the "home made" diyas with clay and paint


Manisha said...

Happy Deepavali to you!

Thos diyas look gorgeous!!

Cooking Memoir said...

Happy Deepavali!

The diyas are very beautiful. Can you tell me what type of clay did you use?

First time here.

princeparas said...

Wish u a very Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year .

Lakshmiammal said...

Wow, A great job! So colorful !

jayshree said...

Happy Deepavali. Great diyas, they just look Great !!

Foodie's Hope said...

Home made,eh?! Beautiful!!

Dani said...

Happy Deepavali to you!

I love reading your blog and I was wondering if you have a T&T recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala and Bryiani. We love Indian Food but there is not even one good place around here where we live!

Thank you so much!

Meena Kandlakuti said...

nice diyass..greta job once again.keep it up:-)

wheresmymind said...

Those are very pretty!

Priya said...

Happy Deepavali L2C !!
The diyas look very cute. Do teach us how to make them too...Please :D

shilpa said...

Happy Diwali to you :).
Wow...those diyas are cute....May be I can try them next time :D.

Linda said...

Hi Sam, these are beautiful! Love the photos, thanks for sharing :)

Shaheen said...

So pretty!!! U made those? How? Happy Diwali.

Indira said...

They look like beautiful bindis that we see on brides faces. So pretty, Sam!

All these diyas around the home, I bet your new home must looked like a jewel.

Luv2cook said...

Manisha - Thanks!

Usha - I used Scupleys white clay. The kind that you can bake.

Princeparas,Lakshmi, Jayshree, Foodie's hope - Thanks!

Dani - I do have a recipe for chicken tikka masala and biryani - I will definitely post them. Do check out often.

Meena, Jeff, - Thanks.

Priya - they are pretty easy to make. They need time and patience and that is about it. May be I will do a post on them soon :)..

Shilpa - Thanks.

Linda - Thanks!

Shaheen - Thanks...yeah, I made them.

Indira - thank you. You are right about the brides faces part :). I didn't think about it that way :).

KrishnaArjuna said...

Diyas look gorgeous!

Krithika said...

Diyas look gorgeous !

Anonymous said...

Can u please teach how to make them as this is Diwali time.. I would love to make them..