Sunday, July 23, 2006

Colorful Colorado - Part I

First off, I apologize because this is a non-food related post. I have been cooking and taking pictures but haven't had the time to sit and write up the blog entries. I first logged in to post some of my living room pictures - covered with packed moving boxes and then I wandered over to Linda's blog where she had posted some amazing pictures of the rockies. I then changed my mind and decided to post some of my vacation pictures from last month - also of Colorado. Who would have liked to look at pictures of moving boxes, anyway?

One view of the blue-mesa river, taken on our way from Salida to Silverton

Million dollar highway is a 70 mile stretch from Ouray through Silverton and ultimately to Durango. We drove from Ouray to Silverton, rode a bus from Silverton to Durango and then a train from Durango back to silverton, then drove ourselves again from Silverton to Ouray onto Colorado Springs. Whew! that was a long sentence :).

The redmountains as we saw them from the million dollar highway

Another of the million dollar highway pictures

The Silverton-Durango train chugging away in harmony with the Animas river

A picturesque view of a lake on the Silverton to Durango train trip

Another view of the lake

The baby gorilla, Umande at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. Since his mother would not take care of him, there was a care-taker that was there with him all the time to look after him

Baby Gorilla, Umande at the Cheyenne Moutain Zoo, taking the help of his helper to get out of his crate

One of the many canyon views of the black canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Box canyon water falls in Ouray, CO

I will post other pictures as and when I get a chance and I promise, I will return to food blogging as soon as I am done with a little thing called moving!


Linda said...

Hi Sam,

Your photos are just beautiful, every one of them! I love the canyon and views from Million Dollar Highway and the train as well. Thanks so much for sharing these :)

Manisha said...

Ooh! Those pictures are beeyootiful! No need to apologize!!

Durango is supposed to be a great place for white-water rafting. Did you do any?

I read on Linda's blog that you were at Estes and Rocky Mountain NP. Did you do any of the hikes in the Park? Estes is not too far from us and we strolled around Bear Lake and did the short hike to Alberta Falls over the holiday weekend. We had young children with us so we couldn't do much. We are hoping to do some real hikes before winter sets in. Let's see! We also have a neighborhood camping trip planned in Sept to hear the elks bugle to one another.

Thanks so much for sharing! It makes me want to want to see more of this beautiful state I live in!

wheresmymind said...

Hey...beautiful pix...looks like a really fun trip!

Luv2cook said...


First off, you are soooo lucky to be living in CO. I always wish I did :).

We did white water rafting last year on our trip to CO. We did it at Canyon City/Royal Gorge area. We did not do it this time.

We did hike at the Estes Park. I LOVED LOVED the park. Next year, we are planning on going there for an entire week. Planning on doing back country backpacking at that time to enjoy every bit of the park. We hiked to bear lake, dream lake, alberta falls, lake Haiyaya, emerald lake, mills lake, loch lake.

Manisha said...

L2C, I feel very lucky but it ends there! Life is so hectic and busy that we get out and around only when we have visitors! We fell in love with Rocky Mountain NP, and bought an annual pass. Let's see how much we use it.

I am really looking forward to your pictures. I am hoping it will get us out there more often.

Onthe foodie trail, there's a restaurant called 'The Other Side' just outside the Park in Estes that serves really great sandwiches. We had a bunch of vegetarians with us and usually they 'make do' but even they really enjoyed their meal.

Vineela said...

Hi l2c,
Colorful photos and thanks for sharing.

santhi said...

Looks like U had a fantastic vacation..

Puspha said...

Awesome pix. Thanx a lot for sharing.

BDSN said...

Beautiful pictures!! Just lovely and admirable!!!

Priya said...

Beautiful Pictures Sam !!

santhi said...

was hoping to get an entry from u for JFI.....